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To My Fellow Americans,

You might have noticed things have changed recently . Things always change, but the latest changes haven't been for the better.


History is repeating itself, and it's repeating itself because people forget. Important ideas and lessons, are forgotten over time as people naturally grow complacent with progress. 

I spent over a year translating Thomas Paine's Old English manuscript of Common Sense. And I noticed that his arguments relied on a certain way of thinking.


It's a way of thinking that we must not forget, and an incredible story. This way of thinking was the basis for the radical idea that lead to forming the United States. 

Have a listen to these Forgotten Principles of Common Sense, and decide for yourself! 

Christopher Scott

01 How to Drain the Wealth of a Nation and Make Zombies of It's People
00:00 / 11:38
02 How Did We Get Here
00:00 / 18:02
03 These are the Times That Try Mens Souls
00:00 / 10:04
04 Time to Get Smart
00:00 / 07:01
05 A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
00:00 / 07:45
06 On the Brink of Civil War
00:00 / 12:11
07 The Principles of Common Sense
00:00 / 09:41
08 The Origin of Government
00:00 / 08:50
09 What Do You Expect From Government
00:00 / 15:51
10 No Amount of Evidence Will Persuade an Idiot
00:00 / 07:06
11 Paul Revere's Midnight Ride
00:00 / 13:32

Do you support common sense, and the idea this country was founded on?

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Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott is an author and host of the Christopher Scott Show Podcast. Learn more at:

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